Pay Per Click

While search engine optimization is an on-going marathon to grow your authority over time, PayPerClick advertising is a great way to start lead generation right away.

Lead generation with PPC is attractive to people working in sales, marketing and finance, because it is directly measurable, unlike SEO which has many factors to take into account. If you are the one responsible for the website, generating leads is one of the biggest metrics your boss will use to evaluate your results.

With SEO, it is hard to give a concrete answer about what is working and what is not, partly because of the ever-changing search engine landscape. Who knows for sure when and how Google will be changing its algorithm? By using pay-per-click, you can show a direct correlation between factors such as keywords, ad copy, landing pages and conversion, with facts and figures to back it up.

Smart marketers focus on lead generation for the success of the business, as well as justifying marketing budgets. Just having a website that looks good does not reliably pay off.

We help you with your Pay Per Click campaigns, right from selecting the keywords to getting your ads on Google.